Accredited Institute – Catherine Hinds Institute Of Esthetics

The Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics is accredited by the ACCSCT and is a nationally recognized agency. It is situated in Massachusetts and for more than thirty years it provides one of the states’ best educational facilities for many who are pursuing a career as an esthetician. This institute has been on the cutting edge of advancement in the industry. It aims to keep students informed on the latest techniques, products, trends and the latest innovations. This school is worth considering if you are on a lookout for a cosmethology program.

This school offers a variety of educational programs. For every student, it is mandatory that they attend a 300 hour basic esthetics program as a foundation of any education in this field even before moving on to more extensive coursework. You will be allowed to take the state board exam in Esthetics Training Virginia after a successful completion of this program. After obtaining a license, you can perform facials, apply makeup and remove hair through waxing techniques. For more career advancement, continuation in your education is necessary.

Should you choose to advance your career in this field, you need to attend a 600 hour advance program. This program will teach estheticians how to perform specialized treatments like lymphatic drainage massage, extraction, aromatherapy and the application of glycolic acid to the skin. In addition, students will be taught various anti-aging therapies. Thereafter, a 900 hour advanced acceleration course teaches focused areas like like acne control, corrective cosmetics and more age management strategies. There is also a 900 hour spa esthetics training program which focuses on the whole body rather than just the face. This includes detoxification and massage techniques for both body and face.

A 1200 hour Master Esthetics Program is the the most advanced program at the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics. This program is catered for the serious esthetician who wants to perform way and above what a normal esthetician would do. In this course, it teaches the most advanced facials and even laser therapy procedures. The student will study into the ingredients of skin care products and derive a right regimen for each client. Ultimately, irregardless of which program interests you, it is always advisable to have all your queries and doubts answered by an admissions representative of the school before making the final decision and choice of enrollment.



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