There can hardly be any doubt at the importance of live help, especially the live support for your website, towards the success of your online business. Live chat has emerged as a cost-effective, high sales conversion rate, method of deploying one-on-one interactions with your customers to increase your sales. However, the reactive approach of relying on customers to initiate chats with your customer service operators can often result in leaving the business on the table.

What is auto invitation?

Auto invitation is a feature in your live customer service chat program and it allows you to approach your website visitors and initiate live chats in certain scenarios where you think they are in need of assistance or encouragement. Imagine the following scenario.

Through auto invitation, you can customize live support for your website to automatically pop-up when a visitor arrives at your webpage after searching with your targeted keywords and spends some time on different webpages of your website. You can also customize the program to include a whole lot of self contained compactor service the end result will emerge as a great improvement in conversions.

What are the Benefits?

As an online entrepreneur, you are already aware of the benefits of live customer service chat program on your site but using auto invitation to improve your live chat engagement metrics increases these benefits even further.

The Proactive Approach Vs The Reactive One

Adopting a proactive approach by initiating customer contacts is very likely to yield higher conversions in comparison to the reactive approach of communicating with the handful of customers who reach out to you with their questions. A recent study by Forrester Research has revealed that reactive chat resulted in a Return of Investment, while proactive chat produced an ROI in excess of 105% in a lot of instances.

Increased Conversions through Personalized Communication

This is an established fact that more targeted and personalized your communication is, the higher are the chances that it would result in a conversion. Live support for your website allows you to interact with customers in an informal, yet personalized manner through auto invitation which enables you to initiate these conversations in a friendly manner.

For example, if you are in appliance repair business and a visitor has arrived searching with keyword “trash compactor repair”- you can send a live customer service chat invitation like: “Hello! Our residential door-to-door appliance repair service offers six month guarantee for trash compactors. Would you like to get more details on that?”

By adopting proactive chat, you are likely to see more sign-ups, enhanced conversions and improved sales volume. Live support for your website combined with proactive chat invitation is a high-converting strategy that can maximize your live chat responses.



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