Clearblue, a well known UK based company has launched its first home products in the market that is known as the clear blue digital home pregnancy test. It is first such product that can detect the actual date when the baby was conceived. The product is being provided with an indicator that allows the users to know when the conception took place. The process takes places by detecting the hCG in the urine and the best part is that the result that it provides is 100% sure. This new product actually uses smart dual sensor technology that you will definitely not find in the other products and this is very much true. The technology is used to measure the concentration of hormone and it also evaluate when exactly the conception occurred. What you have to do is to apply urine and then the screen will indicate to wait for three minutes before displaying the result. This is the only product that can also denote that how many weeks have occurred since the conception.

According to a research based on the use of these home products it was reported that among the entire home made product the clear blue pregnancy test is the best. The features that are present in it are rarely seen in the other ones. The conception indicator that is being used in it is totally a unique concept. The women can totally believe in this product without any kind of doubt and hesitation.

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