Some of the familiar divination tools which can empower us in accessing a deeper awareness and conscious communication with life, include the following: A study of Symbols, Sacred Geometry, Metaphor, Movement, Sound, Astrology, Numerology, the Mayan Calendar, the I-Ching, the Tarot and its archetypes, and the mysticism within the Kabbalah. Encoded within each of these tools are universal principles. Through utilizing these tools, we can make important connections that will enhance our spiritual awareness. This awareness assists us in being able to navigate more consciously through life. We can take what we learn as knowledge and gradually turn in into wisdom as we bring our awareness into everyday living circumstances.

Through our becoming aware of universal patterns, we are able to track our own internal process as well as that of the collective and life itself. When we open to see how life informs us, we can identify that there are whole patterns emerging to show us how life interacts in and through wise relationship. Through remembering our relationship, we can identify our connectivity, and comprehend that we do indeed share in a process of cocreative relationship and purpose. We are the universe in person. Universal patterns of life and death play out as ever expanding systems create new life, while contracting patterns break down the old.

As we collectively move into synchronization with the universal and galactic cycles, seasons and rhythms, and planetary bodies align to inform each of us directly. We are involved in a co-communication process that engages stars and planetary bodies as they interface with our Earth and our individual beings and bodies. What happens to these astronomical bodies, directly effects and influences each of us as well as all of creation. Astrology, (a study of the psychology of the soul) is but one science providing a lens into viewing and interpreting how this communication system can assist us in unveiling life’s mysteries, so we can comprehend more about ourselves and the world in which we live. We can begin to glimpse into and become familiar more consciously with this process that we have in common, the process of evolution.

Navigational tools assist us in identifying the holographic nature of life. Through identifying the patterns of consciousness within the microcosm and macrocosm, we can create a more conscious bridge between the conscious and unconscious realms of being. Therefore these tools can assist us in connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that they can communicate more effectively together. Aspects such as: abstract and logical thinking, sensation, emotion, intuition, motor functioning, can therefore be utilized in ways that allow for greater integration so that we can access our fuller human potential. As we empower ourselves to identify how universal patterns within life can and do inform us, we enter into a richness of living as aware and conscious co-communicators and co-creators.

Much of the dream time and non-ordinary states of Conscious Communication expand far beyond the perimeters of logical thinking and conceptualization. These altered states open us to enter into deeper wisdom spaces. Subconscious material has more of a chance of informing us in these spaces, as the deeper patterns held there have opportunities to surface and heal. As we move through the transformative experiences within life, we are empowered to embrace more of our true self. Our soul, personality and body come into harmonious alignment and eventually we incarnate more of our soul’s essence which supports us to integrate our essence with our ego. Divination tools assist us in entering into these states of consciousness and realms of being in support of accessing information to improve the quality of our lives.

When we commit to become more spiritually conscious in life, the tools and resources make themselves available to us to support us seeing through the many illusions and delusions in life which have robbed us of our vitality and joy. As we become more self aware and conscious we begin to make sense of life. True magic lies in our seeing how all of life is speaking directly to us and through us, if we but pay attention.

Through becoming aware of themes, rhythms, cycles, symbols and the metaphorical languages inherent within and throughout life, we can open to perceive and even celebrate the true magic inherent in the greater unfolding story, inherent within life. This then empowers us to connect the dots within our own life story. We literally and figuratively “come to our senses.”


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