If you have not tried the strategy of sending an sms as a way of marketing yourself, you don’t know what you’re missing! This article will highlight why it is high time that you start sending business messages to your customers!

There are many benefits to sending a Business Text Messaging instead of wasting your money on other forms of advertising. First, compare a text message to a billboard: you actually have more space to say what you want in a text. Since people are going past billboards at such high speeds on the road, you can only use about seven to ten words to get your whole message across. This is not very effective at all. An SMS message gives you more words to work with, despite the fact that the text itself is so much smaller.

Next, compare it to a television commercial. You cannot get as much information into a business text message; this is true. However, you can be sure that people will look at the message. Most people look at their text messages the moment that they arrive. Many people will mute television commercials, change the channel, or even go out of the room and do something else. You might be able to get more information into a television commercial, but this is not beneficial if no one is reading that information.

Now, compare an SMS to an email. With an email program comes a spam filter. Even if your first message gets through, the person will probably just read the subject line and mark you as spam if they are not interested. The rest of your messages will not even get through. This will have no impact – and an email takes much longer to construct than a text message. You will be pouring more money into the process and getting less out of it in the long run – and in the short run. It is much better to go with a business text message because you can ensure that you will not automatically be blocked by a computer program.

Finally, compare the cost of a business text message to any other form of advertising. It is cheaper by far. There is just nothing that compares. Running a commercial on television or on the radio is costly. Putting up a billboard is costly. It would even cost more in paper and ink to print off fliers and hang them around town – not to mention the sheer man hours that such a project would take. An SMS text message is fast, efficient, and cost-effective.


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