Almost everyone loves sneakers. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They also look good with jeans. However, people sometimes frown at those who wear sneakers. If you love to wear jeans, you may wish to wear casual shoes with it instead of sneakers.

Most people are starting to wear comfortable shoes that are just a little more dressy and stylish than retro sneakers with jeans and t-shirts. Somehow, a comfortable, yet dressy pair of thongs, slides or mules can make a person feel so much more prepared for the day or night.

It is nice to have a bit of style, even on a lazy day. Luckily, the options are endless and the possibilities are overwhelming. Following a few simple guidelines can help you decide what to wear every day.

When you are wearing jeans or any other casual wear, it is important to leave the glitzy shoes and stiletto shoes on the shelves. Pointy heels are better for dressing up outfits, so with jeans, rather stick to chunky higher heels or wider low heels.

The ideal footwear for jeans include flat sandals, loafers or ballerina flats. When you want to decide which height of heel is most suitable for your pants, you should look at the length of the leg.

If the leg of your pants is long and drags on the floor, it can seem sloppy instead of casual. Rather opt for a low heel. You can also wear a low heal with pants of average length and a bit shorter.

If the hem is hitting just above on on the back of the shoe, you should opt for flat footwear such as feminine skimmers, dainty thongs or classy loafers. The key with casual shoes is to be stress free and comfortable. You can try out new styles and play around with fashion while maintaining your personality in all your outfits.


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