As consumers, we often put a lot of thought into the major purchases we make. Did you recently buy furniture for your new house? You probably spent months planning it. Did you just renew your wardrobe? You probably spent days shopping. However, when it comes to minor purchases, we simply tend to grab things and make payments. The reason people do not think a lot while buying minor things is because they are cheap. However, what they do not realize is the fact that this carelessness actually makes them spend a lot more than is needed. For example, remember that OYAFUN Nail Polish that expired way too quickly? It would have lasted a lot longer if you had spent some time in purchasing one with a higher quality.

Now that we realize how important it is to make sure that small purchases should not be handled so carelessly, let us move on with our initial example. Ladies, how often do you buy nail polishes? The answer from most women would be ‘very often’. Here are some things you should consider when buying nail polishes. These will help you in buying high quality items that will last for a long time.

For one, you must always try a nail polish on before buying it. Even that tiny bottle with that absolutely magnificent color can turn out to be a disaster. This is because you can never tell the consistency of a nail polish without trying it. If the bottle you are choosing has been on the same shelf since quite some time now, it is likely that it will be extremely thin and you will need to apply a lot of coats. On the other hand, some nail polishes may be too thick, which makes it difficult to apply them.

You must also make sure that you compare the same shades of different brands. You will always find that the red nail color of one brand differs from the red nail color of another. Therefore, do not simply ask the shopkeeper for a red color. Also, you must check how the nail polish smells. This one sounds weird, right? In fact, it is not. While nail paints usually do have a rather strong smell, there are several that smell too bad. This is usually a sign of bad quality and the smell does not go away even after the paint dries. Therefore, make sure you open the bottle before you buy it.


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