If every player in a specific rating has the same mechanical ability to pilot their champions, the games would then come down to how efficient you are at collecting resources and denying them to your opponent. This would be the “chess” part of League of Legends, the macro game but on an individual level, which is significantly important for your success. The fact is, most players are similar on a mechanical level, and it is difficult to improve your mechanics at the rating you are playing at. Mechanical improvement is often occurring once you start playing against better players, because you then must adapt to whatever they throw at you. The easiest way to improve is often by increasing your efficiency LoL Script in game. Efficiency is a subjective word in its isolation but can be objectified once put into context. The first thing to discuss is how you tackle your own decision-making; this is where most players fail and end up wasting time. Recognize that second guessing will just waste time in game, if your decision to act was wrong, you may adapt and improve from that point ahead. Be decisive with your decision, if you decide to go for a play, go straight for it once you see the opportunity! The indecisiveness is the most destructive for the jungle position. Before every game start, plan how you are going to conduct yourself in game. Regardless of what role (but perhaps, most important for the support, jungle, and mid lane position), chose what lanes to pressure: Where are the weak points in the enemy team? The plan does not have to be sophisticated at first, since the plan is living and will improve with how much time you put into it. If you aim somewhere, your better off than if you are entering the world blindly. Even if your aim is completely off, you will have received a reference point to adjust your sight accordingly. For instance, the jungle position requires your jungle route to perfectly align to with a gank set-up. If you recognize a lane-state that may be exploited in a minute time, readjust your route accordingly so that you do not waste time. The gist of this paragraph should be to not waste time between decisions as well as keep pathing leading up to play, so you do not waste time walking.

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