How to Spot Fake Followers on Social Media

Fake followers are becoming increasingly common on social media platforms. People and businesses alike buy followers to make themselves look more popular and increase their reach. However, fake followers do more harm than good. They can damage your credibility and engagement rates and put you at risk of security breaches. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to spot fake followers on social media so that you can protect yourself and your business.
  1. Check for sudden spikes in follower count

One of the easiest ways to spot fake followers is to look for sudden spikes in follower count. If an account has been steadily growing its following for months, and then suddenly gains thousands of new followers overnight, it’s a red flag. It’s highly unlikely that this many people would suddenly discover and follow the account without some form of manipulation.

  1. Look at the quality of engagement

Fake followers brand ambassadors typically do not engage with content. If an account has a large following but very few likes, comments, or shares, it’s a sign that something is not right. Genuine followers engage with content and are more likely to leave comments or share posts with their friends.

  1. Check for inactive or incomplete profiles

Many fake followers are created by bots, which means that their profiles are often incomplete or inactive. Look for profiles that lack a profile picture, bio, or any posts. If an account has been inactive for months or years, it’s a sign that the account is not genuine.

  1. Check for spammy or irrelevant comments

Fake followers often leave spammy or irrelevant comments on posts. These comments are usually generic and do not relate to the content of the post. They may also contain links to spammy or malicious websites. If you notice a lot of these types of comments on an account’s posts, it’s a sign that they have fake followers.

  1. Analyze the followers

There are several online services that can analyze your followers and provide you with a breakdown of the percentage of real accounts versus fake accounts. Some of the most popular ones are Social Audit Pro, HypeAuditor, and IG Audit. These services analyze a range of factors, including follower count, engagement rates, and account activity, to determine whether an account has fake followers.

  1. Check the ratio of followers to following

Accounts with a disproportionate number of followers to following are likely to have fake followers. If an account has tens of thousands of followers but follows very few people, it’s a sign that the followers are not genuine. Genuine accounts usually follow a similar number of people as they have followers.

  1. Look at the demographics of followers

Fake followers often come from countries with large populations, such as India, Indonesia, or the Philippines. If an account’s followers are primarily from these countries, it’s a sign that they may have purchased fake followers. Genuine followers are more likely to be from a range of countries and have diverse interests.

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