In the off-line world of advertising the rules have always been the more you spend the more exposure you will receive. This rule may also hold true for online advertising, but there are other options that small businesses can incorporate to capture a much larger market share online

Among the many benefits that advertising online affords a small business testing may be the most valuable. If you are able to target your advertising to those that are most likely to buy then you will be able to see a tremendous boost in your ROI.

There are three things that you need to ask yourself to ensure that your online advertising is reaching the most targeted audience possible. The first question would be who needs this product or service that I am offering. The second question what problem in my solving or need and my filing. And lastly where are my potential customers likely to be online.

One of the best keyword research tools for online advertising is simply common sense. Take each one of the questions and answer it, and within those answers you will find very good market keywords to start your research with.

Once you have what we believe are a solid set of keywords and keyword phrases type each one in Google and study the types of sites that are returned on the first page. By doing this will give you a very good indication of what Google thinks is a relative type of site for this market.

For instance if a the first page of results for one of your top keywords returns a page full of information sites and your site is an online store it probably would be a good idea to set up an information feeder site since Google finds this type of site for this particular keyword or keyword phrase relevant and have it redirect the traffic to your online store.

Another great way to find out which keywords will lead to profits is to run a Google AdWords campaign. When running a pay per click online campaign for testing out keyword or keyword phrases, it is important to monitor it very closely. Let it run for approximately 100 clicks this should be enough to determine which keywords are the most commercially viable.

The great thing about online advertising is the speed in which you can obtain results from your market test. If your business has a local location as well as an online store, it is essential that you use local qualifiers along with your keywords. For instance a local qualifier could be the name of your state, your region or the particular city or cities that your business is located.


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