Many people try on today’s newest hot accessories which come in many colors, the colored contact lenses. It is important to know all the basic information about it before making any move of purchasing it. For it is useless if you will be able to acquire the contact lenses which are not appropriate for you. It is like owning nothing or wearing no contact lenses at all.

Here is a list of the kinds of colored lenses which will help you determine the right kind of contact lenses. It is best to choose the kind of contact lenses that would suit best your personality and image.

• Opaque colored contact lenses: Thiskind of lenses works effectively in completely changing the color of your eyes. This is highly recommended for people with dark eyes because it is designed to complement and especially created for dark eyes.

• Translucent colored contact lenses: It is popularly known as enhancement lenses. As the name suggest, it enhance the natural color of your eyes and make your eyes look brighter. It comes with the shades of blue, green or grey. It is transparent which creates a natural look effect, good for people with light color eyes.

• Fantasy colored contact lenses: This kind of lens is primarily used for theatrical occasion. It comes in distinctive colors and designs for special occasions. The design includes a cat’s eye, vampire, alien and other horrible creature to enhance the effects. This design is not usually famous for daily wear.

• Filtering contact lenses:This is a new innovation to contact lenses which are already out in the market. Specifically designed for athletes like golfers and baseball players. These lenses allow a person to focus on to a specific color, blocking the others. So that a baseball player can focus on the color of the coming ball than the movement of watchers, allowing a better aim for a strike.

Many of these colored lenses are designed for people who have astigmatism, need eye correction or like a disposable contact for beauty regimen. Whether it is for trend or a prescription it is important to know the minute details about contact lenses. So when thinking of colored contacts, always chose the one that will fit you best and serve its purpose. Seek for medical intervention. They are the ones who know what you need and right for you. Bear in mind that the end will not only give you a stunning look but will also determine your personality.



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