Online degree programs offered by American Universities and colleges are being pursued by students from within United States and abroad. These degree programs are high in content value and recognized worldwide. Most of these online courses are as valuable as any classroom studies and involves considerable homework and assignments. Online Course Reviews group discussions help is developing teamwork and leadership qualities. Before getting involved in this serious affair, one needs to be very sure of the shortlisted online university. Online University Reviews are a sure way of knowing about the institute inside out as these are provided by students who have experienced life there.

Before starting on with the research of online reviews, one must know the parameters to evaluate the online university on. These are:

1. Accreditation of the online university is a must. With proper accreditation of the school, you can be sure of getting quality education and hence nice employment offers after successful completion of the course.
2. The placement assistance provided by the university is another very important aspect as this determines a bright and safe future. With a placement offer in hand from campus after the course completion, makes life relatively easy for people.
3. The facilities provided by the school are equally important as this makes learning a comfortable experience.
4. Costing is another major parameter. There are some universities that provide equally good education at a comparatively less cost. This must be researched thoroughly.

Now read on the reviews on some prestigious online universities.

Columbia Southern University (CSU) offers online Bachelor, Maters and Doctoral degrees in Fire Science, Criminal Justice Administration, Business, Environmental Management and Occupational, Safety and Health. On a scale 1 to 10, the overall rating of Columbia Southern University is 9.14, its teachers have been rated 8.75, the institution 9, materials 8.84, support 9.07 and value 9.29. CSU online degree courses are laid out in a convenient format for timely completion. These online courses of CSU are comparatively cheaper than other distant learning courses. Columbia Southern University however lacks in prompt correspondences and replies.

Seton Hall University (SUH) offers online degree courses in Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Health Systems Administration, School Counseling, and Strategic Communication and leadership. SUH on a scale of 1 to10 is rated 9.23 on overall performance. Their teachers are marked 9, their materials 8.8, and support 9.13. SHU’s institution is marked 9.2 and its value rated 9.1. The online degree courses of Seton Hall University are value based and thorough. Their online programs are as valuable and rigorous as their classroom programs. Self-discipline, leadership and team work are the basic human values nurtured at SUH.

Norwich University provides online Masters Degree courses in Information Assurance, Business Administration, Military History, Civil Engineering, and Justice Administration. On a scale of 1 to 10, the overall rating of Norwich University is 9.07. The institution is rated 9.28, its teachers 8.48, materials provided 8.52, support 9.35 and value 8.98. The study programs are thorough and require considerable involvement. Assignments set are tough and time consuming. Online discussions and team projects are fun and educative at the same time.


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