As our real estate market becomes a buyers market more and more realtors are indeed looking for ways to promote community goodwill to increase their buyer base and appease those listings, which are not selling as fast as those customers might like.

Realtors are constantly doing promotions, public relations and involving themselves in the community. They know they must give a little back to stay in the community and receive their share of the business. What innovative things can realtors do for a public relations program? Well, why not join a Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program? Here is why;

REALTORS: Realtors have a pulse on the community; they know the neighborhoods in the town. Some real Estate sales near me offices grid the town by housing tracts, plus 4 zip code or census blocks and each agent is in charge of a certain area. They often canvass the area and are on a first name basis with many residences. They know the Home Owners Association directors by name. They also refer and are in contact with painters, pool service companies, landscapers, interior decorators, snow removal companies, window washers, contractors, pool companies, and other various residential companies, which can also serve as part of the volunteer neighborhood watch program. They often tour or caravan with other realtors to look at recent listings. In these weekly caravans you might have 4-5 other realtors in the car learning all about the neighborhood mobile watch program. Realtors know lots of people and are constantly involved with things around town, their jobs and success depend on it.


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