Every central heating boiler, whether new or old needs power flushing for one very simple reason. Over time a build up of sludge starts to form inside your boiler which causes blockages in the pipe and therefore makes the boiler work harder and longer in order to heat up your water. This has a direct impact of high electricity bills.

The reasons why power flushing is necessary

Firstly, power flushing method makes a boiler work faster and more efficiently, thus saving you time and money. This also makes your boiler worth while build up of lime scale is more detrimental to your boiler than you think. Over time the sludge accumulates and causes damage to the heat exchanger which in return slows the boiler down and lowers the amount of heat it actually produces, inevitably causing the boiler to pack up.

Aside from sludge build up, dirty water in the central heating boiler also reduces the effectiveness of your boiler. According to recent tests, it was determined that dirty water actually reduces or compromises the longevity of your central heating boiler. The tests also compared flushed boilers to with non-flushed boilers and this revealed that boilers that where flushed showed an overall 6 % increase in the efficiency of the boiler.

If you think that simply replacing an old boiler Cv storing maker would solve the problem, you better think about it again. Even before installing a brand new central heating boiler, power flushing needs to take place. It is important to do this to avoid any complications or potential problems in the future.

Power flushing is necessary even when your boiler is working perfectly

Even when there is no need of flushing technique, it is still necessary to perform this process. Your boiler may have debris which can over time accumulate in your heat exchanger and cause it to gradually release less heat. Aside from that, it is also a common cause of the loud noise that you hear so many boilers making. Eventually this debris will cause the central heating boiler to give up.

Due to this method, you will increase the life span of your system and cure those loud and annoying noises from your central heating boiler. It is also recommended in ensuring that future problems don’t occur. Power flushing is highly successful in optimizing circulation and flow with in the boiler. The only time power flushing should fail is if the boiler has been operational for many years and never been power flushed. In this case the corrosion could be extensive and unresponsive to the treatment of flushing technique. Aside from that if the central heating boiler has not been installed correctly, unfortunately even power flush method will not make it run smoothly, therefore it is suggested that you only allow qualified plumper to install them.

If you want to enjoy your investment in a central heating boiler then Power flush method should be your first priority. It will be a wise decision when the central heating boiler is running smoothly and efficiently many years down the line.



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