Property is your priced commodity and selling it poses many technical difficulties. A home may be sold for different reasons, whatever be the reason, profit should be the final outcome. A few years of investment in property should give a handsome gain.

Before you sell property, fixing a reasonable price is very important. A price can be set with a number of options like using a professional evaluator for the property or you can settle for an ongoing price after checking with neighbouring properties being sold recently or just give the specifications and go for online evaluation. Whatever be the means, pricing is a significant factor when going for a sell. A property should never be highly priced as it might chase away buyers, nor it should be priced low, as unwanted doubts about the Realtor Marana property might arise leading to stagnant property.

There are two ways of selling property

Use a real estate agent

The primary route is to go for a reputed real estate agent. It is the most established and highly used route to sell property. Before putting a property for sale the following items should be kept ready.

  • Make a list of prospective buyers and send details of property to them.
  • Take photographs of your property to show to the buyers so that they get an idea of the property they are going to deal with.
  • Select appropriate time for each prospective buyer to view your property. Keep in mind to select different time for different buyers.
  • Enquiries through phone or in person should be handled courteously.
  • Assist the agent in negotiating the price. Never leave everything to the discretion of the real estate agent.

While opting for real estate agents a straight five percent commission is struck never to forget the VAT. A major demerit of real estate agents is they are always interested in striking the deal as early as possible and get away with their commission. In the process they normally compromise the deal in the favour of the buyer. They may at times even coerce you into an unrealistic transaction.

Private selling of property

Another option is going for private selling. This is more lucrative as you can save on unwanted commissions you pay to the real estate agents. There are two options to sell property privately – one is to go for ‘property for sale signs’ outside the property to be sold and the second is for online sales.

The decision to go for private selling involves little bit of homework. An attractive sign board should be placed on the property to be sold. It should posses your contact numbers to enable the customer to reach use immediately. Ensure that the number is in working condition to avoid losing customers. Once the necessary plans are laid, spread the word in the market through friends, relatives and neighbours. Make sure most of the people in the locality are aware of the sale.

Next best option to sell property would be to go for free advertisement in local newspapers and wait for the response.

Internet is the next big opportunity. There are websites which offer free advertisement sections, list your offer there and await reply. It is well known that more than 50% of the buyers browse the net for hot properties. It is the most convenient option to sit at home and wait for buyer, not just wait you can see you property moving too.

In case you want to save on real estate agent commission, go for private selling. This is cost effective and you can deal with the customers directly.

To sell property it is always best to opt for private selling as it has the merits of handling the buyer straight. You can feel the pulse of the buyer and negotiate accordingly. Real estate agents at times may gamble between the seller and the buyer and make profit in between. To overcome such situations it is best to opt to sell property privately.

Selling privately not only saves money but also time and tension. You can work at your own pace. Ahead of selling a property clean up the place to attract customer. Not only the property but the surroundings also could be cleared to make your deal more lucrative.

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