I just bought another new cell phone and I didn’t want to add it to the pile that’s accumulating in a box in the garage. My carrier sent a pre-paid slip in the box in which I received my new cell phone, but as I was filling it out I realized that the phone I was giving away for free was probably valuable to somebody else. I got my new phone because I wanted something up to date for my job, but my old one was less than a year old. So could I sell my phone instead of getting nothing for it?

I had never thought about this before, but the longer I left my old cell phones lying around the less they would be worth, so I got on the internet and investigated. I’m actually surprised that the cell phone company doesn’t offer a trade in for newer phones, maybe some do but mine carrier certainly doesn’t.

I was really surprised at the number of places where I could lg g2 prepaid online. Most of these companies offer good money for some of the newer model cell phones. The Blackberry I used to have was worth between 50 and $100 depending on which company I chose to send it to. Mine was in perfect condition because I had kept it in a case and had protective film put on the glass, and an extra 100 would offset the cost of my new phone substantially.

But if I wanted to sell my phone to one of these online companies, could I trust them? Would I just send my phone away and never hear from anyone ever again? I realized I had to choose a company and do some more research. It didn’t take long, I simply Googled each company name and checked to see if there were any complaints about them. One had a lot of complaints and those were mainly from people who said they sent in a phone that was in really good condition, but they didn’t receive the amount that was quoted.

The company I chose had a lot of great feedback so I went to their site and downloaded a USPS shipping label. A few days later I received an email acknowledgement and a few days later I was notified by PayPal that there was nearly $100 sitting in my account! It was really easy.


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