Another advantage of the biodegradable water-soluble film is to allow the user to have in his hands a pre-dosed product in liquid or solid form. This unit dose makes its use much easier and convenient. No more waste with the water-soluble plastic film dose !

Finally, packaging for some harsh products is important to be safe for the user. This is the case of chlorinated water treatment products for swimming pools but also crop protection chemicals. The water soluble film suppliers responds to the requirement of protecting the user by limiting or eliminating any danger when handling or inhaling the product.

The biodegradable water-soluble film has good days ahead because as our slogan says there is:

Advantages of using water-soluble bags in textile production

The usage of water-soluble bags helps textile companies in their production to:

Calculate the exact quantity of chemical products and textile auxiliaries to be used in production, thus making the most of the product and saving on raw materials.
Reduce the time required for weighing and production calculations, which in turn helps to optimise textile processes.
Not altering the composition of the textile recipe to obtain better textile finishes.
Guarantees the quality of production.
Help to implement a sustainable process with no environmental impact.
At EAS we know how important is for our customers to have this type of articles, and how difficult it is to get them due to the great demand by the healthcare sector. For this reason, through our online shop, we offer a large stock of water-soluble bags.

If you have not tried this yet, we encourage you to do so and if you need help or advice do not hesitate to contact us.

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