Older generation keeps saying that young people and kids get no solid education and waste their time staring at iPads, iPhones and other devices. Well, this is partially true. We all use modern smartphones and tablet PCs in everyday life. Kids are no different. In fact, how can a child resist the temptation to play games if his/her mom and dad never part with the iPad? At the same time, there is a trick that can turn a typical cell phone or a tablet PC into a powerful educational tool.

All kids love fairy tales. This is a fact! Since we are living in the age of technology, why not use modern devices instead of conventional books? Yes, old fashioned folks will say there’s nothing better than the old good book. Tech progress, however, has a different opinion. Have you ever tried to use specialized Apps for kids to read fairy tales to your loved ones? In fact, you do not have to read at all. The app will do that for you.

So, what are advantaged on the new age fairy tales?

• Learning foreign languages at the age of 3-4? “You must be out of your mind” – this is the exact phrase you will hear from the majority of people over 40. Well, with fairy tale apps your child will learn foreign languages in a playful manner. Just change the narration and text language and your child will enjoy listening to a fairy tale in a foreign language. Do you know that kids’ brains are like sponges? They suck in everything. Why not take advantage of it?

• Interactive fairy tales. Kids will love taking part in a fairy tale by replacing characters, changing places, colors, languages etc. This is totally possible with modern Story apps for kids you can download at iTunes or find elsewhere online. It is the best way to develop logic and initial conversation skills for kids.

• Lots of fairy tales in one device. There is no need to pack dozens of favorite books when you go on vacations. You may kill time in queue with your child, amusing him/her with a new story. There will be no boring long car drives. At that, your kid will not only play but learn at the same time, which is extremely important in today’s progressing world.

• Better perception of information. Psychologists claim that kids who learn by playing or taking part in any playful activities better percept and memorize information since their brains are not “blocked”. Try to make your child sit at the table and do things he/she does not want to do! You will waste your time.

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