The world today is so vastly different from even 20 years ago when I was in high school. The curriculum in school is still the same. The school system has this archaic belief that things should stay the same. This core belief will put US children behind in an ever changing world. People were not taught anything about how to make money. Your parents will say “you need to go to school and get a job.” This is our parents just looking out for us. This is the love that they have always shown. There are not enough people opening there eyes to what is happening in the workplace of the “job world.” There is no security in working for someone else. People realize that this is the case, but no-one does anything about it. Children need to learn how to read, write, basic math skills, and socialize well in school.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Paul Allen were all astrology school dropouts. Did they really learn a lot in school? Did you? Most people have no problem complaining about an issue, but changes are barely ever protested. There are so many other skills that need to be learned today. The main problem i have with the school systems in the US is that they never make changes to subjects that were learned 300 years ago. Financial literacy needs to be taught in school. The job losses today show us that other alternatives to making an income need to be talked about. The internet, real estate investing,life insurance and stocks are some ways to create wealth. Every millionaire I have read or talked to has made a huge percentage from their real estate holdings. The schools do not even acknowledge this or even talk about real estate. That may actually have helped people pick the right mortgage to save their current house. The bankers were heavily at fault here anyways. It is unbelievable that this curriculum is still the same useless information in the real world. You can own a home based business and support yourself these days. Stocks are okay if you know what you are doing. You have to make sure you do not pick a brokerage or funds manager that makes big percentages off your purchases. They will sway you to those stocks if that is the case. Whole Life insurance is always a great way to save for your future. There is a large cash cushion being built after the first couple years in your policy This is one of the best investments for your future. Teamwork is actually considered cheating in school. This is really the basis of all successful businesses. The ability to add the right players to handle each department is key.

In summary, I did learn some things that were vital in school. Reading, writing, and basic math are essential. Financial literacy should be taught in every school in the US. If these last couple years are not enough to teach us that, we going to have even more serious problems in the future. We used to be the best and brightest, now the school systems need to use common sense to what they teach our children.


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