Candle fundraising can prove to be one of the most fun fundraisers that you can take on, depending on how you approach it. You can make the candles yourself for your candle fundraising or order them from an Internet company, but you will find that making them can be fun as well as profitable. They are easy to make and the candles project can be fun for everyone. Just keep in mind that you will have to use disposable materials for the cleanup as the gel is very hard to get out of things.

Start your candle fundraising with gel votive candles. These candles look and smell good and have a long burning time. To make these candles for your candles fundraising you will need gel wax, pretty votive holders, wicks, wax color and scent, scissors, a pot, paper plates, and pencils. Twirl the top of the wick around the pencil.

Make sure you have left enough wick to reach the bottom of your container and try to keep it as straight as possible. Put your pencil across the top of your holder so that the candle wick is centered properly. Melt the wax and add scents and coloring as needed and you have made a candle for your candle fundraising project. Working with a group at this can prove to be very entertaining and profitable way of candles fundraising.

Of course there is another way to sell your candles besides door to door or at a sale. You can advertise them on Internet fundraising but to do this there are some rules to be followed. fundraising sites on the Internet can be very profitable if done properly. Make sure your site doesn’t fade into the background and invisible to the public. You need to make it attractive for your candle fundraising. Make sure the candles you’re selling are featured.

You are on Internet fundraising for donations so put the donor first. Always give the donor options for your candles fundraising and show the donor just how their money is being used. Have other activities added to your site that will make it interesting to those who are donating to your candle fundraising event. Make sure you keep your eye on the purpose you are there for don’t add other sales to your site it just confuses the donors.

Candle fundraising should stay with candles. You can have assorted or different scented candles but don’t confuse it with other products. Having an easy way of paying for your product will help your candles fundraising. With easy payment options the donations will grow.


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