Sometimes, bright business ideas strike us when we are in unfavorable situations, like experiencing financial difficulty. This makes taking what we can for free a viable choice to kick-start a business. If acquiring office furniture items for your soon-to-be business is your biggest problem don’t worry, because you are about to learn how to get them free.

Post an Ad

Expressing your desire to be given free office furniture isn’t bad, especially when it is for the benefit of your business. So, put that desire in a form of an advertisement and post it on free classified ad sites or on forums. When posting your ad, be sure to place it in the right section. Most ad sites group it under a ‘wanted’ section. One of the most popular ad sites you can try posting an ad where you can possibly get a lot of attention is at On forums, they mostly have the marketplace where ‘wanted’ section is available for members to post adverts on the things they want to have. Just be sure that you are targeting the right people, select those forums that talk about furniture.

Browse Ad Sites

On the flip side, there are also those individuals who want to give away their old belongings in order to accommodate the new ones. These individuals are probably advertising their intent to offer free furniture to someone who will continue to take care of them or to someone who still has use of them. If you haven’t noticed, some ad sites do have the section ‘free,’ where you can find all sorts of things that you can have for free. At for instance, there is a ‘free’ tab you can click that will bring up a list of free items. Just don’t forget to filter the results into your location so hauling them wouldn’t be so hard for you.

Be Part of a Recycling Group

Being part of a recycling group is one of the easiest ways to get free office furniture since in this group most of the members’ intention is to get rid of the items they no longer use. And if you like those items they want to get their hands off, you can ask them to give it to you. For this purpose, is one of the websites you can use. It’s free to join, and it allows you to find people giving away items. Another option is the website It works the same way as the aforementioned, and you can find a lot of items available for free, not just office furniture items.

Solicit Businesses in Your Area

Growing businesses tend to remodel their workplaces to keep up with the increase in demands. When this happens, existing office furniture pieces may be disposed by the business owners to give way to the new ones. Keep an ear on the movement of the businesses around you. And don’t be shy to, politely, ask them to donate the furniture items, they no longer use, to you.

Another scenario wherein you could possibly get free office furniture is when a business in your area is closing down. Again, you can politely ask the business owner if donating their furniture to you is something they want to consider.

Contact Local Charities

People donate the furniture they no longer use to a nonprofit for a tax break. This makes local charities another spot to get free furniture items. However, there may be qualifications you need to satisfy in order to be honored with free items from these charities. Local charities accepting furniture donation are Homeless Shelters, Battered Women’s Shelters, Household Goods Recycling Ministry, SMOC Marlboro Resource Center and Central Mass Housing Alliance. For more options, you can visit your city’s website or contact them if they don’t display this information. You may also want to consider contacting Thrift Stores. They accept furniture donations, though they usually sold it to support different charities’ causes.



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