It can be hard to find a good skincare treatment. Despite the 1000’s of products lining the shelves, they’re not all the same. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for something that will firm and tone your skin effectively, preferably without harsh ingredients.

Am I right?

I started researching skincare treatments a few years ago when I became aware of the harsh and potentially harmful ingredients in some products.

In case you’re not aware, many facial anatomy treatments have ingredients that end in paraben-methyl, butyl and others-these show up in high concentrations in breast tumors. This preservative extends the shelf life of your skincare but mimics estrogen in your body and so can interfere with your endocrine system.

Then there are sulfates.

They’re listed as sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. These harsh cleaning products strip your skin of valuable moisture. They’re great at lathering so they’re used in industrial floor cleaners. You wouldn’t cleanse your face with mop water from your local fast food establishment so skip products with these ingredients too.

So, what’s left you’re asking? Once you start reading the labels to weed out these ingredients, you may be surprised at the few product options left.

But you’ll be doing your skin and your health a favor by looking for natural skincare treatments that benefit your skin from the inside out.

There are ingredients that will tone and firm your skin to keep you looking youthful.

Certain ingredients will stimulate skin cell renewal so you increase your collagen and elastin. These are the cells that work in tandem to keep your skin looking young by preventing sagging and wrinkles.

2 Natural Ingredients to Prevent Aging
A special kind of honey called active manuka honey is one such ingredient. Studies show this honey will boost your collagen and elastin production, plus it’s a powerful antioxidant to protect you from cancer.

Another ingredient to look for is the Japanese sea kelp, phytessence wakame. It firms and smooths your skin, strengthens your collagen and elastin cells and reverses your loss of hyaluronic acid (HA).
This acid helps keeps your skin firm and looking young.

Definitely look for antioxidants in your skincare treatment, active manuka honey, phytessence wakame and vitamins c & e will help prevent aging by fighting free radicals in your body. That means they’ll also protect you against cancer.

Your skincare treatment can be good for your skin and your health. You’ll benefit by maintaining firm, lustrous skin. Your friends and family will want to know your secret!



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