There is nothing like the exhilarating feeling of touring around on a motorcycle. Wind in your face, the freedom of the road ahead.

Touring on motorcycles has now become a big thing, it used to be the grey nomads would head off into retirement with their caravan, four wheel drive vehicle and a map with no idea of where the next week will take them.

Now people are retiring earlier than ever before and heading overseas for some adventure on the back of a motorcycle.

India and The Greek Islands are two of the most popular places that these new age bikies are heading for, you have the freedom to travel to untouched places that you would never get to experience on an organised Motorbike Tours Thailand.

So pack up your backpacks, buy yourself a ticket and head off somewhere exotic on two wheels.

It is now an easy thing to see the world on a motorcycle, there are many tours that you can pre book before you even leave home, or you can arrive in your country of choice and as long as you have the necessary driving license requirements, you can hire a bike and set off into the sunset.

A lot of people are choosing also to buy a bike overseas, that gives them the freedom to travel at their own pace without expensive long term rental costs, bikes can easily be sold when they return home. There are also growing amount of bikers travelling around the USA on Harley Davidsons that they purchased for a fraction of the cost than in their home country, then shipping their Harley home.

Travelling on two wheels can be fun for all ages, in Thailand scooters are the main source of transport, and it is not unusual to see a whole family on one scooter plus their shopping, and it is extremely cheap there for tourists to hire these scooters to discover the beautiful island. Imagine stopping along the roadside in a beautiful little cafe for lunch before heading off for the afternoon to a secluded beach for some swimming and snorkelling. Thailand is especially great because it is so cheap to stay, eat and shop there, and to hire a scooter it will cost around $8 USD per day!

Before you leave home though, I would highly recommend making sure you have adequate travel insurance just in case of an accident.

The only negative I can see about touring on a motorcycle is the amount of clothes you can take or of course helmet hair! A small price to pay!


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