5 Questions to Ask Your Local Tuition Centre

How do you know when you have found a tuition centre that you can trust? Your child is already struggling academically and the last thing you want to do is waste money and time with a tuition centre unable to help them improve. Following are five questions that should be asked of a tuition centre prior to trusting them with your child. If they can’t satisfy you with their answers, you should keep searching for a better tuition centre.

#1: What are the credentials of all teachers within the centre?

This is perhaps the most important thing when interviewing a chinese tuition centre to see how effective they may be with your child. If teachers in school are failing to educate your child so they improve their grades, someone with little to no teaching experience is not going to do much good.

The best tuition centre for your child will be one with professional teachers with a lot of expertise in what they are teaching. They should have years of experience to show that they know how to teach children and help them improve their grades.

It’s one thing to ask about the teacher who will be interacting with your child in the centre, but asking about all teachers in the centre overall is important as well. The best centre will have a policy of only hiring talented, dedicated teachers.

#2: What types of teaching strategies are used in the centre?

Once you verify that the teachers in the centre are dedicated to their work and qualified to be in their positions, make sure that you agree with all of the teaching strategies they may employ with your child. You are looking for a tuition centre that will employ creative strategies that help struggling children see the material in a new light.

If your child is having difficulty absorbing the information as it is presented in school, the teachers in a tuition centre should be prepared to take a new strategy to help them learn in a different manner.

#3: How many students will be allowed in a single class at a time?

You don’t want to sit your child in a class with twenty students and one teacher trying to teach them all at one time. Make sure there is a cap on the student-teacher ratio so your child receives enough attention to really make a difference.

#4: How does the centre monitor progress within individual students over time?

There should be a system in place to monitor your child for progress over time. You want verifiable proof that your child is improving through the help of the tuition centre. You should see their grades improving at school, but the school should also be able to show you the changes and improvements they are seeing from their instruction.

A good tuition centre will want you to actively participate in the improvements of your child. They should understand your need to see the changes and improvements so you can feel good about their chances of improving grades.

#5: Are learning activities interactive and entertaining?

Finally, make sure the environment in the tuition centre is conducive to active learning. Your child should not be bored or feel ignored while they are there. They should have enough interaction with teachers and other students so that they open up and explore learning in a new manner.


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