Because the probate process is compulsory within the United States regions, the estate planning services are sought to help those who wish to ditch the procedure. With the help of an attorney, individuals can actually skip the probate law and inherit their bequeathed assets to their heirs. Most of the people have claimed that the probate system is too length and may prolonged up to months before the rightful heirs can receive the inheritance. Although some cases can avoid undergoing probate, it is only reserved to those having estates value exceeding.

As such, for individual whose estates values not higher than US$100,000 they will seek the service of an Estate planning services attorney to help avoid the probate through the implementation of several strategies. The strategies may encompass items like assigning payable-on-death beneficiaries and transfer-on-death beneficiaries to checking and saving bank accounts as well as insurance policies. You see, if everything goes according to the law, it requires probably six to nine months for the probate duration if the decedents died without testifying a will. The duration may be longer if problems occur in any of those: court caseload, type of property, estate value and how well the family members get along.

Besides, the estate planning attorney can be particularly helpful when there are family’s disputes are taking case. This is a rather pathetic fact that most of the time; death causes discord to exist in a family. It has been a common endeavor that heirs come in disagreement with what their folks left for them. They cannot attain concord in harmony disregard of who becomes the recipient of the property and family heirlooms. Due to rage and dissatisfaction, the heirs often contest the will through court thus prolong the probate duration.

Due to the knowledge that their heirs have strong unwillingness to compromise, estate planning services are often sought to avoid such problems. With the attorney handling all the assets upon the death of the descendant, the likeliness for heirs to contest the testament is much lower. The attorney will act as a neutral partaker between two conflicting parties to reduce the strife and get a conciliation done between them.


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