Advantages Of Walking Sticks and Canes

For millions of people with limited mobility today’s advances in the area of assisted walking can be an invaluable resource in helping them to achieve and maintain basic independence. Whether the need for walking sticks and canes is just temporary or for a more permanent situation, the number of products on the market in this area has never been more comprehensive.

The basic design of walking sticks and canes has not changed much in the past several hundred years. Although some safety features have been added over the years to decrease the incidence of injury. A safety strap is often added to the top grip to decrease the chance of dropping the cane. This strap is often threaded though the actual Caned Chair to provide additional stability. The handles of these walking aids can vary widely based on the needs of the individual and a rubber cleat or stopper is often added to the base of the cane and this, again is to increase stability.

Some with limited mobility require the added durability of a walker or a rollator. The basic design of the rollator is that of a metal or plastic frame that supports the person from the front with wheels at the base of the frame. They are usually completely adjustable in height as well as in width to allow for completely customized comfort. Most rollators also contain a seat with added cushioned back support. One important safety feature of the rollator are the hand brakes which are located at the top of the machine near the handles.

An additional accessory to be considered for those requiring the use of a rollator or walking sticks and canes is the rolling shower chair. This accessory is able to add piece of mind to both those with the mobility limitations as well as their caretakers. The design of the rolling shower chair is very similar to the of a basic wheelchair. One of the many benefits of this product is the fact that it can give the individual an additional level of independence.



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