You will be well aware of the fact that PDF and Microsoft word formats are the very popular and commonly used document formats. Business presentations, legal forms, e-books, business documents and reports etc are presented online with the help of either of these two popular formats. As most of the computer users out there would have installed Microsoft office and a PDF reader like acrobat reader, there will be no compatibility issues for opening and viewing these documents. However, when it comes to editing these documents, the formats needs to be switched often. This article is all about the need converting (switching) document formats.

Word to PDF

Word to PDF conversion is indispensable I miss you in Spanish for any kind of business involving online transactions. It is well known that Microsoft word is a handy tool to create business documents. However, the documents in word format can be edited by anyone. Consider preparing an invoice for a client. Creating invoices in Microsoft word is very simple. However, the invoice shouldn’t be edited by the client. This is where the word to PDF conversion programs comes in handy. With the help of these doc to PDF tools, we can create professional invoices in word format and then convert them to PDF format which is non-editable. Some of the best document conversion programs have the capability to convert any Microsoft office format to PDF documents. Such programs are must haves for any kind of businesses.

Programs To Open Docx and Xlsx Files

With Microsoft introducing the latest office program back in 2007, with many added features, the document formats have changed a lot. Microsoft has introduced a new document format with “x” extension. Though office 2007 provides an option to save file in older Microsoft office formats, unfortunately, the files saved in regular Microsoft office 2007 format cannot be opened in older versions of Microsoft word. If you receive any important documents in Microsoft word 2007 format and just have earlier versions of Microsoft office, you can make use of the docx to doc or xlsx to xls or pptx to ppt programs. If you just want to open docx kind of files, there are programs which can show them online.

Programs To Open Odt Files

Open office is another popular program to create documents. The flexibility in creating documents with the help of open office has made this software to be widely used by professionals and huge businesses. The open office documents are saved with odt extension which will not be read with the Microsoft office. Though open office is a great program to create professional documents, they are not widely used. Hence the need for programs that open odt files is inevitable. There are some software with cutting edge technologies which can even convert odt to doc.

There are a lot of document formats out there and online document conversion programs are a great way to switch between them.



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