Once you’ve finally made the decision to lose weight, and you’ve decided you want to try a low carb diet plan, the hard part is practically over. All you need to do now is simply get started. So let’s look at what your first several days of a low carb diet plan might be like.

Day one of your low carb diet plan should really start with some firm decisions. First you decide you will lose weight of course, and second you decide to go with a low carb diet plan to accomplish that weight loss. Next though, you need to choose which low carb diet plan you intend to follow. Three popular ones include the Atkins low carb diet plan, The South Beach low carb diet plan, and The Glycemic Index low carb diet plan.

Regardless of which plan you choose, the goal is to lower your daily intake of carbs, and start really losing some of the extra weight and fat your body has been holding on to. So on day one, decide which low carb The Keto Diet plan you will be following and familiarize yourself with how that low carb diet plan works specifically.

Day two of your low carb diet plan will involve planning and preparation. First you need to clear out your cabinets, pantry, fridge and freezer. Toss out or give away any high carb, high sugar content foods that you won’t be eating with your low carb diet plan.

Most low carb diet plans don’t allow you to have certain foods in the first week or two on the plan, but you can gradually add those foods in later. So you may find yourself getting rid of foods you have right now that aren’t overly high in carbs, but aren’t yet allowed for the start of your low carb diet plan. Don’t despair though… many of these foods will be added back in over the next few weeks.

Next you will want to make a list of what you will be eating for at least the next week. Include meals, snacks and liquids, then create a shopping list for all of those items. Last but not least, you will go to the store and buy all of the foods on your list.

Taking these steps will help you get started right with the low carb diet plan of your choosing, and it will help you stick to the proper guidelines and instructions for that plan as well.

Day three of your low carb diet plan is when you will actually change the way you eat. You don’t have to wait until this day to get started with your new low carb diet plan, but it can be helpful to start fresh at the beginning of a new day, instead of starting in the middle of a day. Starting your new low carb diet plan at the beginning of a brand new day will make you feel more committed to the plan instead of feeling like it was an impulsive decision on the spur of the moment.

Day three is a good day to do a bit of cooking too. By preparing foods that are allowed during this beginning stage of your low carb diet plan, you’re making sure you will always have something good to eat that’s easy to just grab and go. One of the biggest pitfalls of most low carb diet plans is that you need to cook the proper foods for your particular plan. And if you don’t have something cooked and ready when you want it, you’re more likely to fall off the plan and sabotage your weight loss efforts.

The next several days of your low carb diet plan might not be the best. You will experience sugar and starch cravings, you may be tired and lethargic, and you may have headaches or mild dizziness. These are all standard symptoms of starting a low carb diet plan, because your body is cleaning out all the extra starches, sugars and junk that’s been stored up for awhile. You body is going through withdrawal from the lack of sugar that it’s used to, and these early days on your low carb diet plan are when having pre-cooked foods is most important, because you’re at a higher risk of quitting when you’re not feeling well.


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