Are you planning to buy a home for your family and want to make sure they are happy inside as well as outside? Or are you thinking of giving a room in your current home a new look or a complete makeover? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is what you need to know about home interior design.

Unlike home interior, which focuses on finishing materials such as paint, window coverings, wallpaper, and furniture, home interior is a process of shaping the space in the according to one’s own lifestyle and the various lifestyles of the family. Interior design is incorporated into the architecture of the house and involves room layout, cabinet design, window and door placement, and more.

Home interior design is highly dependent on the type and size of many rooms. A basic room includes a living room, kitchen, deck, bedroom, bathroom, and sometimes a home office. These rooms can also be further subdivided into guest rooms, dining rooms, kids rooms, and adult rooms. The various aspects involved in home interior design, such as cabinet making, room layout, window placement, appliance selection, tile and floor selection, must suit the room appropriately as each room serves a different purpose.

So, if you are planning a home interior design, determine which rooms need improvement and incorporate the 7 elements of home interior design: form, mass, shape, line, color, texture and pattern.

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