Monitor Air Compound Levels in Schools

Much like the days of students sneaking off into bathrooms and locker rooms for a smoke, students are vaping in the most common areas on school grounds. By installing vape detectors, it is possible to monitor the air quality for any abnormal compounds that are emitted from vaping devices. Unlike cigarette smoke, e-cigarettes emit an aerosol vapor. However, the aerosol can’t be detected by an ordinary smoke detector. Instead, vape detector measure the content of air for harmful chemicals, alerting faculty when and where students vape on school property.

2. Decrease Students’ Exposure to Secondhand Aerosol

The harmful effects of inhaling secondhand smoke are well-known, but “vapor” is no different. The secondhand aerosol that is emitted by vaping products contains high concentrations of ultrafine particles of toxins, carcinogenic chemicals, nicotine, and THC. It’s easier for the particles in secondhand aerosol than cigarette smoke to enter the respiratory system, which can cause lung tissue damage, asthma, cancer, and increased risks of heart and pulmonary problems. By installing vape detectors, school districts can track the activity of vaping on campus and can help decrease health problems for students who vape and those who do not.

3. Help Decrease Developmental Issues in Students

Research has pointed out that the ingredients in vaping products hinder the development of adolescent brains. Adolescence is an important stage in life for students as their bodies and minds develop and adapt until early adulthood. As adolescents, they are more prone to makings decisions based on emotional or reactive responses, rather than logical reasoning, making teens more likely to take risks. If a student develops an addiction to drugs, developmental instability increases. The regions of the brain that are responsible for concentration, memory, neuroplasticity, and cognitive decision-making are largely affected by nicotine. Thus leaving a significant impact on students’ learning and overall health due to negative effects of brain development when exposed to toxins.

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