If you are interested in the cost of custom orthotics, you are probably suffering from foot, knee, hip, arch or ankle pain. While there are other types of orthotic devices, those designed for the feet are the most popular. They are basically insoles that mimic the contours of a person’s feet.

The conditions that can be relieved or prevented by these Custom insoles Singapore include runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and all types of heel and arch pain, regardless of the cause. They may even be useful for stress fractures, although a person suffering from a stress fracture should consult an orthopedist or podiatrist before proceeding.

Doctors typically recommend customized insoles for people that suffer from diabetes, Charcot foot and deformities like hammertoe, although other braces may be necessary to prevent the deformities from worsening. In diabetes, the benefits of the insoles are to reduce the risk of unrecognized injury, promote circulation and prevent deformities.

When compared to the costs of surgical corrections for heel spurs, tendinitis and other problems, the cost of custom orthotics is very low. A pair can be purchased for as little as $100, although prices vary greatly. So, it’s a good idea to shop around.

As with everything else, the costs of these products depend on what the market will bear, more so than the costs involved in manufacturing the insoles. The quality of the lower priced insoles is just as good as that of the higher priced ones.

Basically, all that is involved is taking a mold of the foot. For internet and mail-order customers, manufacturers have created a shippable foam mold that records the details of your feet and allows the manufacturer to create an insole that is identical in terms of the contours and the arch support provided.

The cost of custom orthotics includes the cost of the molds, because they are not reusable. It also includes the costs involved in making the insole. Typically, there are two pieces of the insole. One is a harder, but springy bottom that provides arch and ankle support, as well as shock absorption. The other is a soft leathery-like top that allows for a more comfortable fit.

The insoles can only be used in shoes that have removable factory insoles. So, they may not work with every pair of shoes that you have.

If the cost of custom orthotics seems too high, you may want to consider over-the-counter insoles that are more affordable. In some cases, these “generic” insoles are just as beneficial as those that are custom-made.

Heavy duty insoles may cost a little more, as do those designed for diabetics. Insoles specifically designed for those with diabetes often have three layers, rather than just two. This design eliminates the pressure points on the bottoms of the feet and eliminates the pain caused by them.

The cost of custom orthotics can be as high as $450 per pair. If you are going to pay that much, you would be better off visiting your podiatrist.


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