Java Moss is a plant of the Hypnaceae family, known as “Vasicularia Dubyana” by its full latin name. It is native to Southeast Asia and is a very popular aquarium plant with several uses. It is similar to Java Fern in that it does well in low light and is very easy to keep.

Java Moss is generally used in freshwater aquariums, where it will grow on pretty much everything. It can attach to rocks, driftwood, the roots of other plants and is even capable of drifting. Due to the fact that is can grow on nearly anything in the aquarium and also due to the fact it does well even in poorly lit environments, it is very popular for aquarium use. It is extremely similar to Java Fern in this regard.

One particular useful feature of Java Moss is that is is possible to create a moss wall from it by folding a net and spreading the moss across it. This hopefully will lead to independent moss growth. Once this has been successfully set up, polyester strings attached to the net along with suction cups allow it to be carefully place along the aquarium wall. There are two reasons for doing this, firstly to provide food for newly formed fry and can also be used to protect certain species of fish from cannibalistic kinds.

Java Moss should do well on its own, although it is a slow grower so it may take a while for it to get off to a healthy start. Aside from regular trimming in most cases it can safely be left completely alone. The leaves under particularly bright light will normally become darker and if you wish to get the most out of your Java Moss, as with fish and plants generally, it is important to keep the water quality to as high a standard as possible. Temperatures of twenty one to twenty four degrees Celsius are optimum for growing, but temperatures in the range of twenty nine to thirty two degrees are possible.

As Java Moss has no roots adding liquid fertilizers will aid growth, particularly if they contain a good amount of Iron. Injections of carbon dioxide into the water will also promote growth, although be careful not to be overzealous with this and it is not strictly necessary. Although helpful Java Moss definitely does not need either, it will growth just fine on its own given time. It is a very versatile plant, its genus contains over one hundred and thirty different species. Under the right levels of heat, it can even be found growing above the surface of the water.


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